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A costume from Sunset blvd, Hollywood for $6...

It really came!

One of my costumes which I am going to use for the show has arrived!

I did not want to spend much money for that since it is more prop than "costume".

Just in case before clicking "buy" on the regular store, I checked eBay just in case!


Similar one in my size! Unused! Only one left! Just $6! No shipping fee!

Too good to be true. I was a little bit worried.

But it arrived in a perfect shape!

I could be wrong but they paid $12 for shipping?

And it's from.... Sunset BLVD in Hollywood!

From the most expensive area in US, they sell $6 thing by paying $12 shipment fee?

It does not make sense, but I lOVE it.

The most suportive voice coach in the whole world, Michael could not help laughing and shaking head saying " You are spending so much money for this show. Yet you are so excited over $6..."

He is right...

I don't know why but the whold thing made me very happy.

The universe always takes care of me with a great sense of humor I feel!

Thank you universe!

きたーっ 10月20日のショー用の衣装のひとつ でも衣装というより 小道具的な位置付けなので あんまりそこに経費使いたくなく eBay で探したら ナント! サラっピンで、しかもまさに私サイズが ひとつだけ しかも6ドル しかも送料無料

本当に来るのか?とちょっと思ったけど 詐欺にしても6ドルって小心すぎるし

本当サラっピン 開封もしてなくて 送料 12ドルかかってる? 読み方違うのかしら

しかも送り主のアドレス ハリウッド!!! サンセットブルバード!!!

あーははは なんかメチャクチャ笑えてくる 楽しすぎる!


「君はこのためにものすごいお金使ってるのに たった6ドルがそんなに嬉しいなんて、、」



宇宙さま ハリウッド経由で 買値より高い送料を払ってまで 売ってくれる人(?)を通して ちゃんと届けてくださってありがとう!!

やっぱり人生は宇宙の台本通りだぴょん しかもユーモアのセンスありすぎ

Opera House



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