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by Sakurako Kataoka

Welcome to Sakura's one woman show "not so Super Hero Girl", my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore the site; "not so Super Hero Girl" might ignite your own passions as well. Visit my blog which tells you what is going on.

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Video Selfie Audition, Singers wanted!


Music(karaoke) lovers who can sing a theme song in English with me at the ending scene of the show "not so Super Hero Girl" on Sat. Oct. 20th.

No experience is needed.

You won't get paid. But it is going to be FUN!

1) Please watch this video

2) Learn the song.

3) Selfie-video yourself singing the song along with my singing. You only need to sing the part I added lyrics in the video by Oct. 6th.

4) Send it with your name, age

reason why you want to participate


by Oct.6th.

This is a “dream project” to me.

It's my first time to sing in front of people on a stage.

Up until 9 months ago I have believed my singing voice

was so bad that I should never sing in front of people

even though I was a broadcaster, a job of voice, in Japan for a long time.

One day I met a great teacher who changed

how I see myself.

"not so super hero girl" is basically a

talk show based on my story I decided to

go for it, singing on a stage, for the first time since

I just remembered that being a part of "musical"

was my childhood dream.

But I thought it would not be passible so did not really do anything to make it happen.

I thought I already missed the chance. And I even forgot about it long time ago.

Well even though I forgot about my chilhood dream it seems like the Univers remembered that.

Somehow I was carried to the place

I can really make it come true in NYC in my 50s. (reaching 60! )

I hope you join me to share the moment and just have fun.

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