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Sakurako was born and raised in Japan. She moved to the United States 29 years ago for an MA in communications at NYU. She has been many things in her life, including a Japanese news broadcaster for twenty years both in Japan and NY, a banker, and full time mom. After long journey of soul searching Sakurako was reconnected with the true VOICE within. After listing to the voice carefully and make its wish come true little by little she was carried to the stage where she is going to do her first "somewhat musical show",  which was her child hood dream she forgot long time ago. 

 In 2014 she wrote and performed a one woman show "本当の私宣言" (Declaration of Authentic Me) that has played in New York, Tokyo, Kobe, and Okayama. She made a film debut in Yun Liang’s  “Keiko’s Hands” as a main character in 2017. It was shown at Asian American Film Festival in NY.

"not so Super Hero Girl" is her first "somewhat musical" solo show she wrote. 

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