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Sakurako feels very lucky to be surrounded by talented people with big heart for the show.

Super Hero Team: Team Members


multimedia performer/writer/video creator

Sakurako was born and raised in Japan. She moved to the United States 29 years ago for an MA in communications at NYU. She has been many things in her life, including a broadcaster for twenty years both in Japan and NY, a banker, and full time mom. Sakurako has recently, rediscovered a new calling for her life in spiritual/mutimedia performing arts.

 In 2014 she wrote and performed a one woman show "本当の私宣言" (Declaration of Authentic Me) that has played in New York, Tokyo, Kobe, and Okayama. She made a film debut in Yun Liang’s  “Keiko’s Hands” as a main character in 2017.  The movie was shown at Asian American film festival in NYC in 2018. She performed NY premier of "刻の羽衣"Tokino hagoromo, modern interpretation of Noh "Hagoromo", which is a Japanese traditional art form,  with its creator/poet/ spiritual musician Chakkiri in NYC in 2018.  She also joined Saco Yasuma’s CD “As it is is beautiful”  with her voice, script and zanmaikin(special instrunment)

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